2022: ProChem’s Record Sales Catalyze Expansion Plan

2022 was the first year in a five-year expansion plan envisioned by ProChem’s leadership team. Through an increase in marketing, customer relations, and product offerings, ProChem had a substantial increase in sales to academic institutions, industrial companies, and major distributors within the chemical and material sciences fields, which led to a 33% revenue increase over 2021.

ProChem’s CEO R. Novak talking to customers at 2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

In 2022, we expanded our activities into diverse high-tech areas by supplying Precursors for Precursors to the companies and researchers operating in technology sectors such as catalysis, film deposition, crystal growth, energy generation and storage, rare earth recovery, ceramic materials and more. We also initiated research collaborations and partnerships with several leading research organizations including; Clemson University (USA), the Weizmann Institute of Science and Technology (Israel), Missouri University of Science & Technology (USA), SUNY Buffalo State University (USA) and Axiom Space (USA) among others.

Through a partnership with Axiom Space, ProChem has participated in an exciting effort aimed at the manufacturing of novel materials in space. Company leadership participated in a by invitation only panel discussion at the 2022 CME NASA Sustainability Conference at the University of Chicago Rubinstein Forum on August 23rd 2022.

Dr. V. Balema and R. Novak at 2022 CME NASA Sustainability Conference at the University of Chicago Rubinstein Forum on August 23rd, 2022
Dr. L. Griego and Dr. M. Ahmadi at the ProChem facility

To address the growing numbers of high-tech business opportunities ProChem began a substantial capabilities expansion by adding an R&D laboratory to its facility.This expansion will be supported by two recently hired PhD scientists, Dr. Leonel Griego and Dr. Musa Ahmadi.

We are proud of our past and even more excited about our future” commented ProChem’s CEO and founder Reno Novak.