2024 Critical Materials Council Conference

ProChem Inc. is excited to be attending this year’s Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference in Chandler, AZ April 10 – 11th (with Welcome Reception the evening of April 9).

This year’s theme is “Making Moore and More with Less – The Future of Semiconductor Materials”.

The CMC Conference presented by TECHCET is a 2-day event providing actionable information on materials and supply-chains for current and future semiconductor manufacturing. The CMC Conference provides practical information addressing “How-to” not just “What.” Solutions to process challenges and materials-related issues are a key focus for the CMC conference presenters. Equally important focal points include business and supply-chain trends and materials needed for emerging technologies.

Featuring 5 Impactful Sessions:
1. Global Issues & Trends Impacting Materials
2. Heterogenous Integration& Advanced Packaging Materials
3. Immediate Challenges of Materials and Manufacturing
4. Challenges of Equipment & Consumable Component Materials
5. Emerging Materials in R&D and Pilot Fabrication

There is still time to register. Hope to see you there! 2024 CMC Conference Registration | CMC Fabs