Company Overview

ProChem, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Reno Novak as a manufacturing company producing high purity inorganic chemicals and materials. For over 35 years we have been supplying a variety of industries with unique rare earth, inorganic, and organometallic compounds. These products are utilized in a wide range of applications including computer chip technology, lasers, ceramics, alternative energy, and biomedical technologies.

In 1988 ProChem, Inc. began collaborating with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL) to produce the highest purity Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate for growing extremely large crystals which are used at the National Ignition Facility (NIF). On December 5th 2022, the NIF achieved fusion ignition by converting 2.05 megajoules of energy into 3.15 megajoules of fusion energy.

Since that time, we have expanded our product portfolio into over 1,000 items that have been supplied to industrial and academic customers. More recently ProChem, Inc. was proud to produce a catalyst for the emergency mass production of Remdesivir, also known as Veklury, which is an FDA approved medication for the treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

As ProChem, Inc. continues to help the world innovate and thrive we look forward to partnering with you to provide you with the highest quality materials.

ProChem, Inc. has been a constant supporter of: St. Jude’s Children Hospital, World Wildlife Federation, The Humane Society, ASPCA, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Nature Conservatory, PAWS Humane Society, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Custom Synthesis Offer

The mission of ProChem, Inc. is to synthesize high purity inorganic compounds and custom precursors for advanced materials applications. We pride ourselves on our customer’s satisfaction as we provide innovative solutions to their unique needs.

We offer dedicated equipment for custom manufacturing of exclusive materials, product specific packaging, purification services, as well as custom blending and tolling.

Our manufacturing facility utilizes 50, 100, and 200 gallon glass-lined reactors for high purity chemical production and a hot oil system for running reactions at up to 230 oC. Our analytical laboratory is equipped with ICP-OES, AA, GC, FTIR, and HPLC analytical capabilities and partners with external analytical labs to assure the high quality of all our custom products.

Ordering Information

Orders can be placed online through our website, via phone (800)795-8788, fax (815)398-1788, or e-mail to After our sales team receives your order, you will receive an order confirmation via fax or e-mail which will provide you with an estimated ship date and pricing confirmation. Because credit card information cannot be taken through the website at this time, a customer service representative will contact you for that information if it is needed. We prefer to review all orders and confirm pricing before receiving credit card information. Credit card orders will be charged at the time of shipment. All order information, credit card information, and company data submitted to us will be kept completely confidential and secure.

ProChem, Inc. only engages in business with verifiable companies. First time customers will undergo a verification process and shipments are made only to business addresses.

Requirements for international shipments must be verified in advance. A customer service representative will contact you to ensure that all requirements are met before we proceed with your order.

Payment Terms

ProChem, Inc. payment terms are net 30 days with approved credit. First time customers are required to pay in advance. Once the first order is fulfilled, an open account can be created for future orders.

Payments can be made via company check, wire transfer, or corporate credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). No personal credit cards or checks are accepted. We cannot ship orders via COD. For wire transfers or ACH, please request banking information by e-mailing All payments are accepted in US dollars via wire transfer or a check drawn from a US bank.

While we make the best effort to keep all posted prices current, ProChem, Inc. reserves the right to make price changes as necessary without formal notice. All pricing is subject to confirmation at the time of the order.

Shipping Terms

ProChem, Inc. ships orders according to the method which you select on your order or appropriate shipment methods that are based on existing regulations and material SDS. We make every effort to utilize only reliable and reputable transportation companies to ensure safe and timely deliveries. We may request that the customer select the freight company and send the freight collect on your account. For standard ground shipments a shipping charge will be added to the invoice unless instructed otherwise.

Conditions and Warranty

All products listed are for chemical and investigational use only in recognized laboratories. They are not to be used for food, drug, or clinical use in humans.

ProChem, Inc. warrants that its products are of merchantable quality at the time of sale. There is not a warranty expressed or implied, as to the fitness of these products for any particular purpose. ProChem, Inc.’s sole obligation is to replace the product without charge or to refund the purchase price. In no event shall we be liable for incidental or consequential damages. The listing of a material does not constitute a license to, or a recommendation for, its use in infringement of any patent.

No return shipments will be accepted without prior permission and instruction being obtained. If an error is made in placing or filling the order, please advise us promptly so that we may take the proper action. No return goods or claims will be allowed beyond 60 days after shipment is made. No cancellations will be allowed on special order and custom-made materials.