New ProChem Products -Sputtering Targets for Advanced Materials Applications

Sputtering targets are materials used in a process called sputtering, which enables depositing thin films onto various substrates in High-Tech industries such semiconductor, solar, and display technologies.1

To deposit a film, a sputtering target is bombarded by high-energy particles, typically ions, in a low-pressure gas environment. This causes atoms of the target material to be ejected from its surface and deposited onto an appropriate substrate, forming the film of expected thickness and chemical composition.1,2

Usually, choice of the sputtering target material depends on the specific chemical composition and the application of the thin film created.3,4 Materials used as sputtering targets include pure metals, metal alloys, metal oxides, and other compounds of various elements, including gallium, nickel, iron, gold, platinum, palladium, and more.

While ProChem currently offers a set of sputtering targets in the shape of discs (see the table below), other shapes and dimensions can be provided as custom products upon customer’s request.

Name Product# Purity CAS Number
Nickel Oxide Sputtering Target 2703 99%-99.995% 1313-99-1
Strontium Ruthenate Sputtering Target 3378 99.9% 12169-14-1
Iron Disulfide Sputtering Target 2092-1 99.9%-99.995% 12068-85-8
Gallium Oxide Sputtering Target 1896 99.9%-99.99% 12024-21-4
Gold Sputtering Target 1935 99.9%-99.999% 7440-57-5
Platinum Sputtering Target 2871 99.9%-99.999% 7440-06-4
Palladium Sputtering Target 2802 99.9%-99.999% 7440-05-3
Osmium Ruthenium Sputtering Target 2793 99.99%  
Silver Chloride Sputtering Target 3222 99.99% 7783-90-6


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