ProChem Owner Acquires ChemFree Defoam LLC

Private investor and entrepreneur, Reno Novak of Rockford, Illinois acquired a majority interest in Massachusetts based ChemFree Defoam LLC, providers of the only non- chemical solution to foam control in manufacturing and processing facilities. Fresh off of the successful sale in October 2014 of a majority interest in one of his other companies to a publicly traded Korean entity, Novak plans to remain active by building value in small to medium size enterprises.  The purchase of ChemFree, positions another of his wholly owned entities, ProChem, Inc. as the exclusive provider of ChemFree’s Water Diffusion Technology (WDT™). “For decades we have been aware of the strong market pull for a non-chemical “green” solution to control process-induced foam,” commented Mr. Novak. “Until now there has been no viable alternative to control foam other than the addition of anti-foam chemicals. The ChemFree proprietary  WDT™ system eliminates the need for foam control chemicals and does so at a very low cost.”

“From a health perspective, we are personally gratified that we will now be able to eliminate processing chemicals from being used in multiple food industries,” adds Novak. “Beyond the health question, defoaming chemicals are expensive and getting more so each year. Thus, we will also be able to significantly reduce processing costs across numerous industries… food, paper and pulp, and waste management.”

“Mr. Novak understands that we are now at the threshold of a paradigm shift in the foam control industry where the ChemFree WDT™ systems are displacing the use of anti-foam chemicals,” adds Dr. William Emkey, Founder of ChemFree DeFoam LLC. “His resources at ProChem will allow us to accelerate the installation of the ChemFree WDT™ system across numerous industries.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, the company headquarters will be located at the current ProChem facility at 826 Roosevelt Road, Rockford, IL 61109. Dr. William Emkey, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, will stay on with the company as a Board Member and head their Research and Development Center located in Hudson, MA.

About ChemFree DeFoam LLC

ChemFree Defoam LLC offers the only known chemical-free solution to foam control available to manufacturing and processing plants. The company operated exclusively as a research and development center until the technology was tested and perfected and is now available for commercial license.