ProChem Site Expansion Continues

ProChem Inc. is pleased to announce the continued expansion of our facility in Rockford, Illinois with the addition of a new building. The additional space gives increased capability to offer flexible manufacturing and locations for additional capital investments to increase overall manufacturing capacity. This expansion will meet the more recent market need to onshore critical raw materials driven by computer chip fabrication expansions in the US and CHIPS Act funding. Our recent renovations reflect our dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.


How the Expansion Journey began…

In 2021, a 5-year expansion plan was launched with a focus on the future of advanced materials and creating a robust US based manufacturing source. In the course of 2022, we expanded our activities into diverse high-tech areas by supplying ‘Precursors for Precursors’ to the companies and researchers operating in such technology sectors as catalysis, thin film deposition, crystal growth, and energy generation and storage.

In 2023, we completed our new R&D Laboratory as well as a renovation of our Analytical Laboratory with the addition of state-of-the-art instrumentation. By doing this, it has streamlined our production process and decreased our lead times for our products.

As ProChem’s Founder and CEO, Reno Novak recently stated, “A lot of innovative products are sitting in college or university’s labs – we plan to identify those with commercial application and get them out of the shadows and into production.”