Mineral Oil, light (paraffin oil, light), #5


Product # 48185
Name Mineral Oil, light (paraffin oil, light), #5
Synonyms Drakeol (R) 7; White Mineral Oil; Mineral Oil, light, white; Paraffin oil; Nujol
Purity NF
CAS Number 8042-47-5
Color & Form Transparent water-white liquid
Boiling Point 310° C
Specific Gravity 0.88 gm/ml
Solubility Insoluble in cold water. Soluble in hydrocarbons.


1 L $54.20
6 x 1 L $250.67
4 L $130.80
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Transportation Information Not a dangerous good

Detailed Safety and Handling Information can be found on our Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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