Precursors for Advanced Materials: Anhydrous Metal Chloride – THF Complexes

Metal chloride THF complexes, also known as rare earth trichloride THF adducts or rare earth (III) chloride THF complexes, are coordination complexes formed between rare earth metal chlorides (lanthanide chlorides) and tetrahydrofuran (THF) solvent molecules [1]. Such adducts are commonly encountered in inorganic chemistry, particularly when studying the chemistry of the lanthanides [1, 2]. They found applications in both academic and industrial settings, including synthesis of other rare earth compounds, catalysis and other materials science [1,3 -7]. It's worth noting that the specific applications of metal chloride THF complexes depend on the properties of the individual metal, the ligands involved, and the targeted materials or compounds.

ProChem offers several materials shown in the table below and can be provide other similar products upon customer’s request.


Name Product # Purity CAS Number
Chromium (III) Chloride Tetrahydrofuran Complex  1466 99.9+% 10170-68-0
Scandium (III) Chloride Tetrahydrofuran Complex 3135  99.9+% 14783-78-6
Yttrium Chloride Tetrahydrofuran Complex 3848 84147-94-4


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