ProChem’s CTO Presents at Faraday Discussion

On September 12, 2022, ProChem’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. V. P. Balema will be presenting a poster on “Mechanochemically – Driven 3D Heterostructuring of Metal Chalcogenides” at Faraday Discussion – Mechanochemistry: Fundamentals, Applications and Future.

ProChem’s CTO presents Mechanochemically Driven 3D Heterostructuring of Metal Chalcogenides
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The presentation discusses generation of 3D-heterostructures with incommensurate arrangements from well-defined building blocks using an unconventional synthetic approach, comprising mechanochemically facilitated reshuffling of layered transition-metal dichalcogenides MX2, [1,2], and non-layered rare-earth metal monochalcogenides REX to form MX2/M’X2 or (REX)nMX2, nano-assemblies, where M (M’) = W, Mo, Ta, Nb, RE = Sm, and X = S or Se [3]. The discovered solid-state transformations are directed by atomic-scale interaction between chemically and structurally similar or dissimilar solids toward ordering. In the case of the layered MoS2 and HfS2 [1], 3D-heterostructuring is energetically favorable over alloying in M’X 2 – MXsystems, whereM, M’ = W, Mo, Ta, Nb, and X = S, or Se [2]. Density-functional theory calculations validated experimental results. The obtained 3D-hetero assemblies demonstrate diverse electron transport behavior, varying from metallic conductivity to indirect band gap semi-conductivity, and superconductivity in some misfit heterostructures [1,3,4].  


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